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How to Speed Up Your Computer

Speedy PC Pro is a world-leading software program that optimizes the speed, performance, and security of any PC. Benefits of using Speedy PC Pro:


  • Clean junk files from your PC
  • Fix dangerous Windows registry errors
  • Speed up system performance with Disk Tools
  • Protect your privacy and personal data
  • And premium bonus tools to speed up your PC

Speedy PC Pro Fixes these problems and so much more! Registry Errors - The Windows Registry is the source of thousands of computer problems. Speedy PC Pro fixes corrupt or missing registry files to optimize performance. Faster Startup Speeds - Nobody likes waiting five minutes for their computer to start up. Speedy PC Pro optimizes the startup sequence by managing computer resources more efficiently. Effective PC Protection Remove malware, viruses, and other security problems with Speedy PC Pro's effective security features. Reduce your risk of identity theft by limiting access to confidential information.

Now you can fully automate resource management such as RAM and CPU usage with SpeedyPC Pro. No tech skills required!

Free Download - Microsoft Windows (All) - 4.7MB


What is Speedy PC Pro?

Speedy PC Pro is the world's most popular way to make a computer run faster. Speedy PC Pro uses a number of powerful filters to scan through your entire system. During a scan, Speedy PC Pro can encounter anywhere from a few hundred problems to several thousand serious issues. In general, the older your computer is, the more susceptible it is to viruses and other problems. That being said, both new and old computers can benefit from using Speedy PC Pro. Whether you paid $4,000 for your computer a few months ago or you're trying to fix your family's 6-year old PC, Speedy PC Pro is amazingly effective. If you want to enhance the performance of your computer without paying hundreds of dollars for computer repairs or upgrading to a new PC, then Speedy PC Pro offers an ideal solution. Here are a few of the program's most popular advantages:


  • Faster startup speeds
  • Smoother applications and programs
  • Faster internet connection
  • Better overall system performance
  • More hard drive space
  • And so much more


Speedy PC Pro comes with a number of advantages that make it more powerful than any other computer optimization program on the market today. Here is why we recommend using Speedy PC Pro when learning how to speed up your computer: Usability Speedy PC Pro is incredibly easy to use. At any moment, computer users are just a few clicks away from speeding up their PC. Big, colorful buttons guide users along every step of the way, and the entire interface is designed to be as straightforward as possible.

Now you can fully automate resource management such as RAM and CPU usage with SpeedyPC Pro. No tech skills required!

Free Download - Microsoft Windows (All) - 4.7MB

Powerful enough to impress tech geeks Just because Speedy PC Pro is easy to use doesn't mean that it's not powerful. Just like any good PC software program, Speedy PC Pro is powerful enough to impress hardcore tech geeks, but easy enough for your grandma to access. Ultimately, this means that you get to spend less time searching Google for "how to speed up my computer" and more time enjoying the benefits of a faster PC. In fact, Speedy PC Pro claims to be the program that tech professionals turn to when they need to speed up any computer.


That's right! when you download Speedy PC Pro, you're using the exact same program that you would otherwise be paying hundreds of dollars for at your local computer repair shop. Minimal resource usage - One of the biggest advantages of Speedy PC Pro is that it uses only a minimal amount of system resources. Your computer doesn't slow down when Speedy PC Pro performs a scan, for example. And performance doesn't suffer when you're running intensive tasks like video games. Instead, Speedy PC Pro runs silently in the background of your PC, efficiently removing malware, registry problems, and other errors throughout your computer.

When it comes to error support, Speedy PC Pro truly shines. It's a great way to remove any type of computer problems from your system. Whether you're dealing with repeated Blue Screen of Death errors or your computer locks up when you try to perform a certain task, Speedy PC Pro can help.

Speeds up any PC

Of course, Speedy PC Pro's most popular benefit tends to be its ability to speed up every part of your computer. From the hard drive to your RAM, Speedy PC Pro makes speeding up your PC its number one goal. Instead of begging other people to "Please, just make my computer run faster" you can do it yourself in five minutes or less. Whether you just use your computer to access Facebook or you run the latest PC games, we can all appreciate a faster computer.

How to speed up your computer with Speedy PC Pro

Good PC speed up tools are hard to find. Thanks to Speedy PC Pro, computer slowdown problems are a thing of the past. Whether you're looking to fix a pesky registry error or you need to get rid of a dangerous virus, Speedy PC Pro is one of the world's most versatile computer programs. Instead of being labelled strictly as strictly an antivirus cleaner, or as a junk file remover, Speedy PC Pro is so much more than that. It speeds up your computer's startup sequence, improves program performance, does all of the little things needed to ensure any PC runs as smoothly as possible.

And, best of all, you don't have to pay anything to give Speedy PC Pro a try. If you're ready to maximize the performance of your computer and save hundreds of dollars in PC repair costs, then give Speedy PC Pro a try. Instead of learning how to speed up your computer on your own, Speedy PC Pro is just one free and easy download away.

Now you can fully automate resource management such as RAM and CPU usage with SpeedyPC Pro. No tech skills required!

Free Download - Microsoft Windows (All) - 4.7MB

  • I was ready to buy a new computer because of the rediculously long boot up and load times in Windows. I tried SpeedyPC Pro and it totally revived my computer! What a money saver!

    David, California
  • I just want to thank the team at SpeedyPC Pro for saving my computer. It was almost time to trash it, but after running the system fix it was running like I just took it out of the box!

    Todd, Calgary
  • I don't know much about computers, and mine is about four years old. After seeing their YouTube video I decided to try our SpeedyPC Pro. It worked just as well on my PC! Awesome!

    Sarah, Seattle